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Dr Marko Lambassa

Dr Marko’s fascination with the ‘fountain of youth’ has led him to become a specialist in cosmetic and anti ageing medicine.

His nonsurgical techniques will always aim to provide his clients with a more beautiful, yet completely natural look. Restoring your youthful freshness need not result in your friends and family speculating on what you have had done.

Dr Marko Lambasa MBBS CPSA graduated from the University of WA in 1998. After spending 4 years at Perth Royal Hospital followed by 12 years in general practice and occupation and industrial medicine, Dr Marko decided it was time for a career change.

Having always had a special interest in the fountain of youth, Dr Marko commenced his study in cosmetic and laser medicine in 2004. In 2005 after finishing his training and mentorship under some of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians, he commenced full time practice as a qualified cosmetic and laser physician.

To ensure that his skills are always up to date, Dr Marko regularly undertakes ongoing training with the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia, through their accredited Continuing Medical Educational Programme.

Dr Marko’s special interest is total facial rejuvenation. His aim and goal is to create for his clients a fresh, more youthful appearance while maintaining a completely natural look. He prefers to use Botox, Juvaderm and Sculptra. With these products he can soften wrinkles and furrows and reduce shadows in and around the eyes, checks, nose, moth and lips by restoring volume and fullness.

What happens during treatment?

Using tiny dia­betic nee­dles, the small and safe injec­tions into var­i­ous mus­cles of the face, pre­dom­i­nantly in the upper third will result in sig­nif­i­cant soft­en­ing of many wrin­kles and fur­rows.

Is the treatment safe?

With a 25 year his­tory, wrinkle relaxers have become the most com­mon prod­uct used to help restore your youth­ful freshness. However we do advise to wait to have your fillers or botox if you are pregnant, breast feeding or bruise easily.

What can i expect post treatment?

  • You may have slight swelling for 24-72 hours, especially with injections in the lips.
  • The results from your dermal filler can last 2 to 9 months. The longevity of these products is variable and each individual may obtain a different result.
  • Mild bruising or a slight blush might appear at the injection site immediately following treatment and may last for 2-10 days.

How much does it cost?

Con­sul­ta­tions are $70 with Dr Marko and may be redeemable upon treatment.

The diary always fills up fast so why not book in now for a con­sul­ta­tion to see how sim­ple and effec­tive non sur­gi­cal treat­ments can be for your con­cerns.

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