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Computerized Skin Profile & Consulting Session

The Reveal® Imager is a computer controlled imager that allows us to take pictures of your skin, revealing surface and subsurface pigmentation and vascular conditions. It allows us to zoom in and magnify areas of the skin for closer examination which we then review. Once this process is completed, a customized report is created in an easy to read format which will include specific recommendations for each individual client’s skin care needs.

What it is?

The Reveal® Imager uses a multi-spectral imaging scan to capture key visual information regarding your skin’s health and appearance. This scan is used to evaluate the skin’s pigmentation, photo damage which is usually caused by the sun, wrinkles, texture, spider veins, and acne patterns.

The Reveal Imager allows us to fully analyze your skin and to design a treatment plan and skin care regimen specifically for you. As your treatments progress, the Reveal Imager is used to help track the changes and improvements to your skin.

Over a course of treatments, the changes to your skin and effectiveness of your skin care program is recorded by the Reveal® Imager.

What happens during treatment?

Your initial Reveal® Imager analysis will only take a few minutes. After the analysis is completed, a thirty minute consultation will follow and it is during this time your personalized skin care treatment recommendations will be discussed.

Your Reveal® Imager follow up sessions will also take only a few minutes and your progress will be reviewed after each scan is completed.

Price list

Price list Price
Computerized Skin Profile & Consulting Session $50

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