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Baring my arms and soul – in raptures over fat cavitation


Baring my arms and soul – in raptures over fat cavitation

I found the perfect summer dress this morning in K-mart, ankle length, floaty, in crimson and in my size for $9.99.  Last year I’d have sighed and then continued looking. Why you ask? Well! It’s sleeveless and for years my upper arms haven’t seen the light of day. You see I used to be 15 kilos heavier. I lost weight rapidly when my husband passed away, going on for three years ago.  In a matter of weeks, I went from a size 14 to a 10, (weight loss was the only good thing to come out of the most devastating time of my life), but though the fat melted off my bum, tummy and super-sized thighs – my upper arms refused to cooperate. Worse still, now instead of the fat being firm, it was loose and flabby.

There’s a term for the condition and not a kind one: BINGO-WINGS. I learnt this from my daughter – on the same occasion that she told me she couldn’t recall a conversation when I hadn’t moaned about my arms. I guess I do go on a bit … on the upside she offered to fix them. Emma, a skin treatment specialist, then went on to tell me about ultra sound cavitation, a treatment that melts fat away, improves skin tone and is great for tummies, bums, thunder-thighs, love-handles and bingo-wings. I was rapt. In my head I was already booking a flight to Sydney.  My face fell when I learnt I would probably need six treatments, two per week with 72 hours between each treatment.

It wasn’t the cost that caused my consternation – compared to liposuction, an operation that requires an anaesthetic and leaves scars – ultra sound cavitation is a BARGAIN – and besides, the perk in having a daughter in the beauty business is that she never charges her mum.  The sticking point was the time – like most people I have commitments and I couldn’t get away for three weeks. That’s the reason why on this photo of me with my granddaughter, I’m wearing a cardigan to hide my tuck-shop arms.  I ask you, what kind of person thinks up such mean and hurtful names?

Wearing a cardigan when it’s 40 in the shade because I hate my bingo-wings!

A month or so later, on the train to the City, I fell into conversation with a fellow traveller —a senior like me, taking advantage of  the much appreciated gift from the government of free travel on public transport. In the course of one of those personal conversations that I routinely engage in with complete strangers, I mentioned my recent visit to Sydney. Then I went on to tell her about my disappointment at not being able to take advantage of my daughters’ offer to sort out my arms.

I don’t believe in coincidence. You see I’m one of those people who believe everything happens for a purpose. It definitely did on this occasion—she’d actually had fat cav on her thighs. Enthusiastically, she claimed they were half their former size. By the time we reached Perth, I was fully clued up on the process including the warning that during treatment I would hear a sound she compared to the humming of hornets in my ear.

“Don’t fight it,” she advised me, “just accept the noise as part of the treatment, focus on your breathing and within a couple of minutes you’ll get used to it.” I must have looked doubtful because she added that she’d found the sound soothing and actually dropped off to sleep on a couple of occasions.

Other good stuff my new friend imparted before we said farewell included the cost of a package deal of six treatments $495 – to her mind well, and truly worth it— and the phone number of the salon which I immediately added to the contacts in my phone.

A week later I fronted up to Chrysalis Skin and Body Solutions which is located in a centre on Wanneroo Road that specialises in health related businesses, and has plenty of parking. (Yeah!!! All my minor collisions occur in car parks. )

I’d spoken at length to Rachel, the Manager and I knew what to expect but I was nervous—for though the therapist,  my daughter and the stranger-on-the-train had assured me the treatments didn’t hurt,  I wasn’t totally convinced. Surely, I thought, there has to be some discomfort in turning fat cells into an oily waste fluid which eventually leaves the body in pee!

I’m glad to report my concerns were totally unfounded. And even better, there was a discernible and measurable improvement after my first treatment. Fanfare please— I actually lost 2cms from the circumference of each arm. Thrilled I religiously obeyed my friendly therapist’s after- care instructions to drink a lot of water before and after the treatment and to exercise (brisk walk) for twenty minutes after. Neither of which was any effort for me because Woody, my jack Russell is impossible if I don’t take him for a walk twice a day and I already drink lots of water because H2Ois the best thing you can put into your body. I like to add a little Scotch I find it improves the taste. JUST JOKING!!

Can’t stop smiling.

Was I happy with the results? Am I glad I booked this amazing fat-melting treatment? Take a look at the pic of me FLAUNTING my ancient arms. And if FAT-CAV can work that well for a lazy 73 year old with a sluggish metabolism, imagine how much better the results would be on someone whose idea of exercise isn’t turning the pages of a library book.